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  1. So true about ow and slow!! I always try and tell my husband but he won’t listen to me haha. I will be sending him the link to this post now!

    • I used to have that problem too, until I started getting the Pan nice and hot, adding oil and getting it hot before adding eggs. It creates a non stick surface!

  2. My sister and I were just commenting last weekend that although we can cook fairly confidently we both fail at making fluffy scrambled eggs! Great tips – thanks!

  3. SOOO true! I love and do all of these, but it’s hard for my husband to do #2, lol! Why do people want to cook their eggs over high heat? 🙂 Yes, soft eggs. 🙂 🙂

  4. I cannot wait to try this method. I have always added a tablespoon or so of milk or cream.
    I just came home eggs from a friend’s farm (from this morning!) I will make this tomorrow.
    Exciting! Love scrambled eggs! We add a mini sprinkle of chili flakes for a wee kick or chopped herbs!!

  5. I love your tips! I always take my eggs off the burner when they seem a little under done, so I can totally vouch for that move.

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